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Paris is a city with a population of 2.2 million. The population is well-educated, cultured, diverse and passionate. There is strong secular culture of social activism, atheism, and pessimism,  inspired by the enlightenment philosophers. It's the city where Saint Louis reigned, John Calvin was educated, and Blaise Pascal conducted his physics experiments. France was once called the eldest daughter of the church, but that being said, there aren't many Christ-centered churches. On the average there is one evangelical church for 33,000 people. Paris follows the national trend. In a city of 2.2 million, and 12 million in the Paris area (Île de France), there is only one Calvary Chapel.


Our hope is threefold:


Our hope with starting Calvary Chapel Bible College Paris is threefold: To know God, to equip the saints, and to cultivate an urgency in spreading the gospel. The need is great in Paris and the French speaking world, but the laborers are few. The hope is that through this school, we can raise up pastors, evangelists, administrators, and leaders to answer the call. With the Bible College we want to create a diverse church that is founded strictly on the doctrine of the Bible and not the presuppositions of the culture. Our goal is for the students and Parisians to become one, to come under one purpose of reaching the nation, all the while growing together in Christ.


We want to build a school that not only shows the need, but also influences the community.

With a French Church History class, a Beginning Language class, outreaches, and in a thriving local Calvary Church, we desire to not only bring about a love for the lost within the students, but also bring impact to the city through them. With a Bible College, we can equip students for authentic ministry, not only in studying Scripture, but also in hands-on service. The Parisians are different in mannerisms, language, and even thought process. We want to show ministry in this type of setting that could never be seen unless it’s abroad. Our desire is to train Christ-centered and others-focused students.


Our goal is to teach the word of God to a generation of people who are yearning for truth.

Ultimately, our goal is to teach the word of God to a generation of people who are yearning for truth. We believe that Biblical Theology reminds, enforces and challenges us to understand God’s love for us, His Son’s sacrifice, and the Holy Spirit’s active working in our lives. When we submit ourselves to God’s teaching, we are reminded of how He initiated relationship, revealed His Word, and demonstrated His love, with all of this causing us to worship Him.


We are looking for students desiring to grow in their walk with the Lord who are ready for an adventure.

If you feel this school would be a good fit, please consider applying below.