Student Life


Student Expectations:

We hope this page will help you with your questions about everyday life here in Paris. More information can be found in the Student Handbook, and you are welcome to contact us if your questions are not answered.

Housing- All our students share one house with live in-deans.  The house is outside of Paris, giving students a real understanding of the french life.  The house is within 10 minutes by car to the train-line to Paris (RER). We provide transportation to the train-line as students desire at anytime within suitable hours.

Transportation- Students will be given a 'Navigo Card' which gives access to all trains within the Il de France. This includes all of Paris, Versailles, and anywhere within about 75 KM of Paris.

Food- Food allowances are given weekly, and it is expected that students will buy and prepare their own food. The students are given two ride options a week and will do all their shopping at the local grocery store.

Classes- Classes are mainly on a block schedule; the location of the classes will vary between campus housing or at the church in Paris.

Church- For their 'Servanthood' class, students will volunteer and attend church services in Paris.

Field Trips- In the Fall, there is a student orientation Field Trip, where students will travel through most of the great sites in France.  This field trip will be incorporated into our 'Church History from a French Perspective' Class, and are already paid for in the student's tuition. 
In the Spring, there will be multiple Field Trips through Paris. These field trips will be incorporated into our 'Art and the Bible' Class and already paid for in the student's tuition.

Missions Trip- In the Spring semester we provide a short-term missions trip somewhere within Europe, this is already paid for within the student's tuition.

Internet / Telephone- We have free wifi in the house and at the church; phone calls should be done through the internet. It may be worthwhile for you to adapt your phone plan to have international data to help with navigating the metro, however it is not necessary. 

What Should I BringOur space is limited so you will have minimum storage space and will have to carry your luggage from the airport to the train station, so don’t over-pack!

  • Clothing- French weather varies depending on seasons with summers in the hundreds and winters below freezing. Dress accordingly. Please do not bring more than one checked bag and one carry-on bag.
  • Electrical Items- You will need adaptors for your electrical items. Remember: France uses 230V rather than 110V, so please check your item is dual voltage before you plug it in.
  • Laptops- It is crucial you bring a laptop; all classes use Google classrooms and Google drive for homework.
  • Linens- Bedding and towels will be provided; if you would like to purchase your own when you come, you are free to do so.
  • Backpack- Bring a real backpack and not just a tote bag for safety precautions on public transportation.

Medicine- If you are taking prescription medication you should either bring enough with you to last the semester (3 months) or arrange for medications to be mailed to you as you need. 

Health Insurance- International Students must provide health insurance that is covered in France. You will need to organize your health insurance before traveling here. You must have full health insurance that covers you for visits to doctors, medication that is prescribed for you, and all medical and hospital fees.



Our housing is near the city of Houdan, France.  An old city that still has it's old town wall and keep built around 1135.  The old farmhouse that serves as our campus, includes the original grain silo, multiple houses, and a beautiful countryside.  There is many neat attractions near including the 'Castle of Anet' and the 'Zoological Park and Castle of Thoiry'.