MISSIONARY Internships

We are proud to offer Missionary Internships for the duration of CCBC Paris semesters.

What it is:
- A three month internship meant to grow you through discipleship, practical ministry experience, and to cultivate a missional heart for France.

What it entails:
- You will live with the students through the semester, helping CCBC Paris and Calvary Chapel Paris. 
- You will be practically helping in areas like; driving, being a teachers assistant, running our coffee ministry, and helping with various tasks within the Bible College and the Church.
- You will be discipled by our intern overseer, meeting weekly together throughout your internship.

What are the requirements:
- Must have some Bible College / Ministry experience
- Must have a valid drivers license, and be able to drive manual vehicles

What are the costs:
- 1400€ Housing fee
- 500€ Field trip / Missions Fee
- 500€ Transportation Fee

TOTAL 2900€*
This amount covers living and transportation.
This does not include airfare, groceries, or spending money. We recommend 450€ for groceries.

How to apply?

- Fulfill these forms and three references
- If accepted we will move to 'Stage 2' which is a formal video interview.