International Students

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CCBC Paris uses a standard tourist visa, meaning you will be in the country for 3 months. You do not need a visa.  Our start and end date border closely to the 3 month visa, so entrance and exit of the country according to the dates found here, are crucial.


Pick up and Exit will be at Charles De Gaulle Airport.  A school representative will meet students at the airport to help navigate the train system and get to their housing. Contact through email to communicate the flight itinerary.


What Documents should Students bring:

All students must bring the following documents and have them ready to present to Customs upon arrival in France:

  1. Passport. You will be unable to travel if your passport is expiring within 6 months. If you do not yet have a passport, please apply as soon as possible as it can take a number of weeks.
  2. Return plane ticket. You must be able to prove to Customs that your stay here is temporary. If you try coming to France on a one-way ticket then you may be refused entry and be put on the first flight home. If you have an E-Ticket (not a physical ticket) then bring your itinerary to prove your intention to return.
  3. Your acceptance letter from CCBC Paris that proves to Immigration that you are actually studying here.
  4. Financial proof that you will be able to support yourself financially during your stay. One of the following will be sufficient:
    • A receipt showing you have paid in full or a check made out to CCBC Paris for the tuition balance, OR
    • An original Bank Statement showing you have sufficient funds for this semester